Ecomodernist Media’s Mission Statement

Our mission is to raise awareness and understanding of our role as stewards of the environment while contributing to our quality of life. We focus on how we can repair our environment and well-being through the advances of technology and scientific progress. We reject the assertion that technology is the enemy. On the contrary, we encourage a more open minded outlook towards the possibilities of the ever advancing evolution of science. Scientific breakthroughs are imperative, as they will be needed to overcome scarce food resources despite a hotter and dryer planet. Learning how to eliminate carbon emissions is essential to the avoidance of slipping into a hothouse Earth. Achieving this is an imperative and so the question must not be whether we could do it, but rather how.

The evidence of changes to our climate has been widely available for decades and it cries out for bold action now. If we are to be truly serious about dealing with our growing Climate Emergency then nothing should be left off the table including the use of nuclear power, and even geoengineering. Nuclear power is rated statistically as the safest form of energy per megawatt-hour on the planet as well as maintaining extremely low emissions and due to it’s extremely high energy density, it is the most suitable to match the abundant energy produced by fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas.

Ecomodernists will continue to play a role in helping others overcome the fear, uncertainty and doubt, largely spread by false narratives. Vaccines are a miracle of modern medicine. The rapid spread of the Coronavirus epidemic clearly demonstrates our collective failure to accept the guidance of experts in the field of medicine. Covid-19 has brought the science of immunology to the forefront and the science behind DNA and genetic modification has never proven more valuable in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. In particular, vaccines have been produced by several different laboratories largely due to the ability to map the genome of the Coronavirus.

There is growing recognition that taking action has been delayed far too long. Following conventional wisdom, demonstrating restraint and conservation for the sake of preserving nature is admirable philosophically, but it is no longer an outlook we can accept as being enough. We need to expand awareness and educate people to realize that the necessary energy abundance, zero emissions, and small footprint at all levels is in fact reachable with nuclear power. There is no denying, the value of nuclear science, genetic engineering and all other sciences, is imperative to the advancement of human progress. We need to become both analysts and evangelists for ecomodernist ideals.

Ecomodernist Ideals

1. Decoupling from Nature – Natural habitats will more likely revive themselves when people live in dense urban environments that take advantage of improved energy efficiency and resource distribution and reduced travel. High population density enables mass public transit. Our interconnectedness also enables working from home which reduces pollution and our carbon footprint as well.

2. We don’t need to be locked into outdated concepts such as the population explosion. All indications are that population rates will decrease as a result of the worldwide increases in urbanization, education and prosperity.

3. The myths perpetuated by decades old fear-based movements must be corrected. Clean energy sources must include nuclear power which plays an indispensable role in reducing carbon emissions.

4. We must be prepared to study the least invasive ways of geoengineering to reduce the effects of greenhouse gas emissions and find solutions that allow us to return carbon back to the earth from which it came.

5. Ecomodernism serves as a philosophy and outlook that seeks to bring clarity and understanding rather than fear of technological progress that is imperative to reaching a better future for ourselves and the planet.

Ecomodernist Media
Ecomodernist Media