Minutes (private)

Ecomodernist Society Meeting Saturday Jan 30th

Present at meeting
Gabriel Ignetti @gabeignetti1 ,
Al Scott @AlScottRational <>
Dan Brookshear ,
Greg Hamra ,
Rick Maltese ,
Karl Pauls ,
Chris Bergan <>,
Alfred Parish <>,
Evan Bell <>

Meeting started going over Bi-Laws
Gabriel was nominated and accepted as Chairman
Karl Paul was nominatd and accepted as Treasurer
Rick Maltese was nominated and accepted as Secretary

Al Scott “The Rational View podcast” was present at beginning – left early

Dan Brookshear asked How should nuclear power be encouraged?

Greg Hamra shared En-ROADS: http://hamra.net/pics/EnRoads.jpg

Gabe Ignetti shared https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_True_Believer

Rick Maltese shared EVs as a new myth to the list of myths along with Renwables

Rick Maltese commented “spent, toxic EV Batteries need to be dumped somewhere”

Rick Maltese suggested Stephen Boyd podcast where he proposed Silicon could be a fuel source start listening at the 40 minute mark https://ecomodernistpodcast.org/2020/07/02/road-to-recovery-overcoming-our-fossil-fuel-addiction/

Alfred mentioned Terrestrial Energy’s Simon Irish as having said make nuclear cheaper than natural gas and we would have massive support – need quote

Alfred mentioned rare bird in England may go extinct because of wind turbines

Rick Maltese in response to Greg’s question about comparative analysis – the comparisons are a subset of several needed tools. The point being we need to fight for nuclear energy with many angles and we can’t rule out efforts to do so.

The launch day for https://ecomodernistmedia.org is Feb 12

Dan Brookshear asked Can EV Batteries not be recycled into Industrual useful chemical feedstocks?

Dan Brookshear Nuclear is costly upfront.

Somebody asked Alfred what obstacles are there for NE in US

Alfred had two major obstacles Renewables and the Nuclear Industry’s lack of PR

Dan Brookshear : Getting nuclear approved is not cheap or quick.

Rick Maltese expanding on Alfred’s comment about – Nuclear Energy companies are self-effacing and not self-promoting

Chris Bergan – root problem of nuclear is LNT & ALARA.

Rick Maltese – Who can we blame? Nuclear Industry? Solar and Wind industry or the course of history? Opinion and misconception as Chris points out has been pushed by Fossil Fuel lobbyists

Dan Brookshear Wind and Solar have many promoters given the tax advantages.

Rick Maltese expanding Chris’s comment about LNT &ALARA: Yes the misinformation. The Lies and preferred stance. Corporations who profit from fossil fuels are making our lives much more difficult.

Greg Hamra: That’s why we need to kill all subsidies, including the biggest one (to FF) in order to shift capital. The problem here isn’t messaging as much as flawed economics. We will not move forward w/o fixing the economics. Fix the economics and we’ll see messaging shift.

Dan Brookshear : I agree the tax system should be fair to all.

Greg Hamra (gh@hamra.net) : Internalize the negative externalities and we’ll see the decisions by market actors change overnight. The speed of this shift of capital will be predicated on price.

Dan Brookshear: Renewable has a place, but other forms offer benefits.

Rick Maltese restating Alfred’s hypothesis : Removing the best hope (supposedly wind & solar) will make room for nuclear’s acceptance.
Current View of Best Hope= Renewble
We need to make nuclear our Next Best Hope

Dan Brookshear : Renewable is not predictable and not able to adjust supply to demand.

Rick Maltese : There are many reasons we can pose as to obstacles for nuclear energy but in my view it’s the increased lack of knowledge and awareness that makes it difficult for us to change peoples minds

Dan Brookshear : Wind and Solar can be accommodated, but we need ways to meet peak demand and do something when excess energy is produced.

Alfred : Which doesn’t exist, so that’s the same as saying they can’t be acomplished.

Rick Maltese: I think we should do an exercise. All of us should go home and try to create a mission statement

Dan Brookshear: What happens if there is excess nuclear production?
Rick Maltese : we need to be able to see infrared to see methane

Evan Bell : Methane has a global warming potential of 28-36 %
CO2 being 1 unit

Rick Maltese paraphrasing Alfred: “Promote our product. Rubbish the opponent” sounds like market competition.

Rick Maltese – Preserving nature is the essence of our mission statement

Rick Maltese : John Kutch Video rant against solar in desert https://youtu.be/N9_5DC0cPes

Rick Maltese : We should not underestimate the value of charismatic people to help spread our message. Actors, authors, celebs etc. (more reachable on Twitter)

Rick suggested we need a presence on Twitter @ecomodernistmedia @ecomodernistsociety

Dan Brookshear : If we recycled CO2 into economic industrial feedstocks, it would benefit the environment. Plus excess electrical energy production from nuclear can power the recycling process.

Evan Bell Link to streaming of JUICE : https://www.eventbrite.com/e/virtual-screening-juice-how-electricity-explains-the-world-tickets-137297726195?fbclid=IwAR1KddGmzmLXQHhxk1qRc79p9PB3Vj9_ukRGMVOJcyICnl3uqiM9rlUMnUk

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