Energy Reality

This was shot close to our conference room outside the St. Louis Union Station Hotel where we had the Thorium Energy Alliance Conference (TEAC8)

Mathijs Beckers summarizes how much copper would be required to decarbonize the planet using Wind, Solar, and Nuclear. Presented at TEAC8 ( Thorium Energy Alliance Conference #8 ) on 2017-08-21 ( August 21st, 2017 ). http://ThoriumEne…

Interview with Author Victoria Bruce recorded outside the eighth Thorium Energy Alliance Conference at the Union Station Hotel in St. Louis, MO Aug. 21, 2017. She discusses her book "Sellout" about Jim Kennedy and John Kutsch who found…

Author/Activist Meredith Angwin is interviewed by Rick Maltese about her book Campaigning For Clean Air

Rick Maltese interviewing Ed Pheil (pronounced "File") on the way to St. Louis TEAC8 discussing Ed's MCSFR Molten Chloride Salt Fast Reactor called Elysium. Don't forget to subscribe and click the bell to get notified when new episode…

Heather Matteson, Alan Medsker and Gary Kahanak allowed me to interrupt their conversation to do an interview..

Excerpts from the Generation Atomic's presentations and three of Eric Meyer's operatic Interludes at the 8th Thorium Energy Alliance Conference that took place in St. Louis, Missouri. Well know arias with new lyrics.

An Interview with Author/Activist George Erickson taken at the Eighth Thorium Energy Alliance conference.

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